In November 2008, and March 2009, Glenn & Jim both went to meet Jesus!  As we move into a new decade without them, we, as their family, hope to preserve this land that they loved, and the values our family stands on, with hard work, love of our families, our Faith in God, and love of our Community. 

The brothers enjoyed entertaining, and loved to see the Farm in all its glory, watching everyone enjoy themselves, and all the Farm had to offer.  Opening the Farm as an event venue seemed a natural progression of all that they loved.  We are excited to  share all our Farm has to offer with others; The beauty of a sunrise over the lake, and the gentle breezes in the evenings. 

As you overlook the rolling pastures, you can feel the peace that God has blessed our lives with. 

It is our pleasure to share all of this with you.



Cottom Farm was established in October of 1972 by Jim & Nita Cottom and Glenn & Wendy Cottom.   Originally, it was a working citrus farm, until the hard freezes of 1982 and 1984.  Both families had moved to the farm by 1980.  Jim & Glenn started putting up Christmas lights to raise their Mother's spirits.  The parents' wedding anniversary was on Christmas Day, and their Father had passed away.

Glenn & Jim continued the lights with a spirit of competition and brotherly love, every year adding to the display that started as an act of love for their Mother.  People come from many places, near and far, to enjoy the lights and the true meaning of Christmas...Jesus Christ !